DREAM.          BUILD.          FLY.          SCALE.

As a modeler with a passion for scale, it was my desire to create a source for unique scale products that myself and others could benefit from.  Thus STRICTLY SCALE was created!

The goal being to be able to provide interesting, and in some case customized, scale parts for scale enthusiasts around the world.

our approach

My introduction to model aviation was at a very young age by my father, Gerard McHale, in the form of free flight.  Soon this developed into a love for building plastic models, especially 1/48 scale aircraft.   This passion developed into my love for flying scale models, whilst never forgetting my free flight and plastic model roots.

"I added Strictly Scale details to my BVM 1:6 scale F-16 and was very impressed with the customer service, support, and quality of the part. Everything fit very well and were well formed. The parts really set it apart from the stock airframes. Thanks Sean! Glad you have started the business and look forward to your next offerings! "

          -- J. Snipes

"I ordered two sets of scale wheel chocks from Strictly Scale and received them in less than a week. They look great and the flat base holds the wheels securely on any surface. They even do custom colors and details. Definitely a quality product. Highly recommended."

          -- D. Wigley 

"I highly recommend these parts to anybody who wants that perfect scale finishing touch for their aircraft. Thanks for the great product Sean!"
          -- G. Foushi

who we are


If you are happy with our product and/or service, please tell others.  If you aren't PLEASE TELL US!!