Want to try something different?  How about a digital camouflage pattern?  It's not as difficult as it looks, we show you how! 

Follow along as I build an Avonds F-104 Starfighter in time lapse.  From the start of the build to the first flight, enjoy this unique video!


DREAM.          BUILD.          FLY.          SCALE.

How to create your own custom paint masks!!

Click on the photo to learn a simple technique for creating your own reusable paint masks. 

Weathering 101 - PART 1

Learn a few simple steps to give your model a realistic look, ones that will set it apart from other models on the flight line. 

Weathering 101 - PART 2

We show you have to apply some of the smaller details to really give your model an authentic finish. 

Want to create better fits and joints on your models? 

We show you how!!

How to create an authentic metal finish, using METAL!

Click on the photo to see the article we wrote for

RC Model World Magazine in April 2012.